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Champagne Flutes Moon Glow Purple

The Moon Glow Midnight Purple Wedding Champagne Flutes are part of the Museum Collection from Luxurious Wedding Accessories. They shimmer with pure elegance as if basked in the glow of the moon.

The Moon Glow Midnight Purple Champagne Flutes feature Purple Enamel over 24K Museum Gold Plate which gives the aura of Rose Gold. They are embellished with Swarovski Crystals.

The Stem is 6" tall. The 6 oz. Champagne Bowl rises approximately 5" high. Also available in Water, Red Wine and Wine Wine Glasses.

Additional interchangeable Wine, Champagne, Wine and Water Bowls available for purchase separately.

Click to View the entire Museum Collection.
Made in the United States by renowned Artisans. More beautiful than you can imagine. Custom order. Approximately 5-6 weeks to ship.

As with all special orders and one of a kind pieces the color and essence may vary slightly from the photograph.

Please allow 5-6 weeks to ship. All sales are final.
Free Shipping within the continental USA. International Shipping charges will be billed prior to shipping.

Please note that all Luxurious Wedding Accessories are custom made just for you. By placing your order you acknowledge, agree and accept that all our products fall under a no refund and a no cancellation policy. All sales are final.

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