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Glitterati Blue Sparkling Crystal Wine Glass & Decanter Set

Lovers of wine will revel with joy at the sight of the Glitterati Blue ORB Wine Decanter and matching Wine Glasses from Luxurious Home Accents. The Glitterati ORB Blue Crystal Wine Decanter is made from crystal clear hand-blown glass. The top bauble is adorned with hand applied cut crystals in blue.

If you have any questions about the Glitterati Blue Swarovski Crystal Wine Glass & Decanter Set, please Email us for clarification.

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The Tiffany Blue ORB Glitterati crystal embellished Wine Decanter holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Dimensions: 8.5in. × 8.5in. × 10.2in.
Glitterati ORB Blue Sparkling Crystal Wine Glass & Decanter Set includes:
1 Glitterati ORB Blue Decanter
2 Glitterati ORB Blue White Wine Glasses: 8 oz. 4in. × 4in. × 9in.
2 Glitterati ORB Blue Red Wine Glasses: 6in. × 6in. × 10in.

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The Glitterati Tiffany Blue Cocktail Collection features hand blown brilliant Lead Free glass embellished with strands of Blue Sparkling Crystals that have been intricately hand applied.
2 Glitterati Blue Champagne Flutes: 8 oz 3.5in. × 3.5in. × 10in.
2 Glitterati Blue Wine/Water Glasses: 8 oz. 4in. × 4in. × 9in.
2 Glitterati Blue Red Wine Glasses: 6in. × 6in. × 10in.
2 Glitterati Blue Martini Glasses: 12 oz. 5in. × 5in. × 7.5in.

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The Glitterati Blue Crystal Bottle Stopper Measures: Wide 1.75in. High 4in.
The Glitterati Blue Crystal Cork Screw Measures: Wide 3in. High 7in.

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2 Glitterati ORB Blue Champagne Flutes Measure:
8 oz 3.5in. × 3.5in. × 10in.
Glitterati Blue Cake Knife & Server Measures:
9in. × 4in. × 1in.
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As with all special orders and one of a kind pieces the color and essence may vary slightly from the photograph.

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