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Glitterati Gallant Sparkling Crystal Wedding Collection

The Glitterati Gallant Sparling Crystal Wedding Collection from Luxurious Wedding Accessories is dramatic and impressively delivers Brilliantly appointed Bling in all the right places.

Against a background of Stainless Steel, sparkling crystals border the Stainless Steel picture frame and surround the handles of the Cake Cutting Set. The Champagne Flutes have crystals tightly clustered around their center.


If you have any questions about the Glitterati Gallant Sparkling Crystal Wedding Collection, please Email us for clarification.

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The Glitterati Gallant Stainless Steel Picture Frame is edged with hand applied sparkling Crystals that reflect and shine making a classical and sophisticated presentation.
5x7 Gallant Stainless Steel Frame has 2 rows of Crystals.
5" x 7" Photo Area Frame Dimensions: 9" × 6.5" × 1"
8x10 Gallant Stainless Steel Frame has 3 rows of Crystals.
8" x 10" Photo Area Frame Dimensions: 13" × 10.5" × 1"

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Glitterati Silver Cocktail Collection features hand blown brilliant Lead Free glass embellished with strands of Clear Sparkling Crystals that have been intricately hand applied. Packaged Individually in a Gift Box.
2 Glitterati Silver Champagne Flutes: 8 oz 3.5in. × 3.5in. × 10in.
2 Glitterati Silver Wine/Water Glasses: 8 oz. 4in. × 4in. × 9in.
2 Glitterati Silver Red Wine Glasses: 6in. × 6in. × 10in.
2 Glitterati Silver Martini Glasses: 12 oz. 5in. × 5in. × 7.5in.

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The Glitterati ORB Silver Cake Stand makes a perfect union with the ORB Champagne Flutes and Glitterati Cake Cutting Set. Red Carpet worthy. Streamlined glamour at its finest. The center of the Flutes and the handles of the Cake Cutting Set have tightly clustered crystal stones that glimmer from any angle.
Glitterati ORB Cake Stand 12 inches in diameter.
Glitterati ORB Champagne Flutes 8 oz 3.5in. × 3.5in. × 10in
Glitterati Cake Cutting Set 9in. × 4in. × 1in.
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